Spacious is one of the words that comes to mind, another word is entusiasm. Abit have promised us a new board and we will shortly be back with an updated review. We compare price with equal products and also accessiblity among retailers. It is surprising to us all that it would take such a long time for Intel to find an optimal solution for its darling. Alioth PE is without doubt the best equipped card in the test.

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We rate the mainboards physic but also esthetical design. All tests are performed using the same memory settings; DDR The ATX-contact is placed on the upper right corner of the board.

Jetway Alioth PE

As time goes, Albatron will probably remedy this situation, but until then, we cannot give a higher grade in this section. These tests are run in a window and therefore affected by the systems desktop resolution.

Because of todays standards the game is not considered graphic intensive, so the processor and memory bandwhidth becomes the bottle necks. But to get maximum performance from these boards a MHz FSB CPU is needed, and those will have a less attractive price in the beginning, so that is maybe not a clever choice. Spacious is one of the words that comes to mind, another word is entusiasm. Let us move on to more realistic memory tests, unbuffered memory benchmark.

This Albatron board is actually the only board with active northbridge cooling, which will be needed to reach MHz bus-speeds.


Overclocking test 2 is performed using an unlocked P4 and trying to find the highest stable FSB the board can handle.

Surprisingly enough Shuttle differs from the rest and takes the lead. Both of them are made on the ugly? The board from Shuttle is the cheapest of all in this roundup and the specifications reflect the price.

i845PE Roundup

The Northbridge has a passive cooling in the shape of an aluminium heatsink and the contact between the Northbridge and the heatsink is improved by a thermal pad TIM. Hardly impressive but certainly expected concerning the options.

Regardless of which board you choose based on PE the performance will be very good. The Albatron board makes a turnover and takes the first place by a minimal margin.

To change the memory despite an already installed graphic board is consequently possible even if you do not have very small hands. TechBubbel Podcast — Four additional ports alilth therefore be connected which adds up to a total of six USB 2. The availability is not too good; but the low price makes that not a too heavy argument. We compare the price to similar products and also the availability among retailers.

As the yellow plastic hat is pretty high, it is extremely simple to restore CMOS even with the board installed in aliotn chassis. Without voltage settings and the possibility to fix the AGP bus alioht had no greater expectations concerning the Shuttle board. We thank Abit for this. Here we evaluate the mainboards theoretic overclocking potential by the means of practical tests. The card should work very well with most of us except maybe the more extreme overclockers, making Jetway Alioth PE a pretty decent all-around card.


Very annoying every time you want to connect or disconnect the fan. You can also set at which processor temperature the board is supposed to shut aliotg computer down, which could occur if the fan would break. It has all the integrated features you could wish except from RAID, and the overclocking possibilities were acceptable. If you look at the number of integrated features Jetway has included, you have to confess that the layout is a nice piece pd work.

Alioth PE | Free Listening on SoundCloud

In Advanced chipset Features we have the possibility to configure the memory settings. Settings for memory timings are located to Advanced Chipset Features and the heaviest available is 1.

There is a lot of space around the socket except for the upper side where mentioned condensers are. Here we have used the Integer Stream results as standard.