Loading modules from directory: Unfortunately it looks like you currently can’t easily differentiate a passdb lookup from userdb lookup! The following passdbs will still verify the password. Arguments for the passdb backend. If this was the first passdb, return failure.

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See the password database pages on how to do it. What to do if the passdb lookup had an internal failure default: If any of the filters matches, the filter succeeds. Allow user’s network connection to log in from only specified IPs checks against real remote IP, e.

You psssdb use multiple statements in one query, but you could use a stored procedure. The password is in the given scheme.

PasswordDatabase – Dovecot Wiki

The extra random seconds can be used to avoid a load spike of everybody getting logged in at exactly the same time. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. Unfortunately it looks like you currently can’t easily differentiate a passdb lookup from userdb lookup!

The timestamp must be less than 5 minutes into future or the login will fail with internal error. Lua script for authentication v2.


Find Dovecot configuration file location using: Typically this is done pawsdb when using prefetch userdb. Other special extra fields. Here are a few examples: You probably want to switch this dvoecot to “yes” afterward. I’m not sure if I understood but here are the results pastebin.

BasicConfiguration – Dovecot Wiki

This isn’t required, but highly encouraged. Skip, if non-empty and the username doesn’t match the filter. See MboxLocking for more information. This means that if you wish to use LDAyou can’t use the -d parameter to do userdb lookups. If you’re planning on using system users, you can simply skip this section and read PAM or bsdauth for configuring it. Allow user to log in from only specified IPs checks against remote client IP. Loading modules from directory: If the user name was changed eg.

Basic Configuration

This means that the password contains the master user’s password and the normal username contains the user who master wants to log in as. Specific checkpassword implementations phpBB dovecot checkpassword authentication, written in python: This means that these databases can’t be used with non-plaintext authentication mechanisms.


Set the current authentication state to success, and continue to the next passdb. If this was the first passdb, return dovecott. The users listed in the master passdb can log in as other users.

However, the Linux-style passwd file has fewer fields than that used by FreeBSD and it will need to be edited if any fields past the first four are needed. Skip if an earlier passdb already authenticated the user successfully.

User isn’t actually allowed to log in even if the password matches, with optionally a different reason given as the authentication failure message. Email Required, but never shown.

If you get an error about checkpassword exiting with code 0, paasdb didn’t execute the checkpassword-reply binary as you should have which exits with code 2 on success Example The standard way: