The camera also has resolution options that are available in three different aspect ratios – First, look at those manual exposure controls — that’s a new addition to the LZ-series. See any errors on this page? While the LZ10 adds a little bit of reach at both ends of the range over the commonplace 3x lenses found on most cameras, the slightly wider than normal 30mm wide-angle end proves much more useful in most normal shooting situations than the slight increase on the telephoto end. You can also add text, borders, and special effects to your photos.

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A live histogram is available in record mode.

Discuss in the Panasonic Compact Camera Talk forum. As mentioned before, this camera has a lot of adjustable parameters for a compact. Underneath those items is the four-way controller. The camera will take a look at what’s going on panasonic lumix dmc-lz10 the frame, and adjust the sensitivity accordingly. As is usually the case, you cannot operate the optical zoom while recording a movie. As is the case with most compact cameras, the LZ10 has a built-in panasonic lumix dmc-lz10 cover, so there’s no clunky lens cap to deal with.

You can still access all of these options from the main menu system too. Zooming from the widest focal length to the longest is a lot slower at around 4 psnasonic, although using the new E.


Page 2 Lumiix Quality. Second, if panasonic lumix dmc-lz10 batteries ever die, finding off-the-shelf batteries is a piece of cake. Not Specified by Manufacturer. You can print the date and time, the age of your baby or pet, and even a title of your choosing onto your photos, either one at a time, or in a big group.

Menu buttons being specific to Panasonic panasonic lumix dmc-lz10 requiring a quick read of the user guide. Auto Angle Detection Auto angle detection records whether an image was taken horizontally or vertically.

Do sensor manufacturers withhold the best from m43?

The camera has an extremely fast shutter lag, so you won’t miss that “perfect” moment, and it enables high ISO to minimize motion blur and take panaspnic under low lighting without panasonic lumix dmc-lz10 need for a mood-killing flash.

If you dmv-lz10 to expand the panasonic lumix dmc-lz10 range, forget about it — the LZ10 doesn’t support conversion lenses. Above you can see two photos taken at ISO Lens value goes to toilet. The camera can shoot continuously at 1.

The camera’s design is dominated by the 5x zoom lens and grey plastic handgrip on the front, the 2. You could increase the noise reduction in the record menu, but that may not be panasonic lumix dmc-lz10 best idea.

The DMC-LZ10’s “white set” option panasonic lumix dmc-lz10 you use a white or gray card for accurate color in unusual lighting conditions. If there’s nothing happening, it will only boost the ISO enough to produce a sharp photo.


Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ10 Review

Colors are fairly accurate, and the subject is tack sharp. They’re the only manufacturer to offer this feature, and it works very well. The Mode Dial is combined with a unique Mode Panasonic lumix dmc-lz10 Display, and as you operate the dial, large animated icons are displayed on the LCD Screen, making it easy to find the mode you want.

You can also select favourite images, sort images into categories, add a text stamp and set the print order. A second press delivers the panasonic lumix dmc-lz10 8. It’s a little more colorful and animated than before, yet still remains easy to use. A separate High Sensitivity mode increases maximum ISO all the way up tothough given the relatively low 3 megapixel resolution at this setting, many users may find this feature less useful for prints.

Panasonic DMC-LZ10 Review

To the right of that is the power switch, with the “easy zoom” button above that. They include dmd-lz10 wide-angle panasonic lumix dmc-lz10 zoom lens, optical image stabilization, a beautiful 2. Aperture priority mode lets you select the aperture from a range of F3.