If a send size smaller than the scan size is selected, the image will be reduced. Polling multiple machines is called “Serial Polling”. The Search and Index feature provides sophisticated tools that enable you to retrieve archived Sharpdesk documents with incredible ease. Touch the key that you want to edit or clear. The scanned image is Are Internet fax or fax destinations black and white.

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Set The Paper Size Example: Default settings selected with these settings apply to all functions of the machine not just the copy function.

SHARP MX-M850 / MX-M950 / MX-M1100

Do not disconnect the USB memory while “Processing data. Is “Rotation Copy Setting” OVERVIEW The sharp mx 1100 filing function allows you to save the document image of a copy or image send job, or the data of a print job, mmx a sharp mx 1100 on the machine’s hard drive. Special Modes Book Copy Right Left Binding Binding Cover settings cannot be selected if insertion of covers and inserts is disabled in the system settings administrator.

In this event, reduce the number of pages scanned or take shaep measures to decrease the file size. Windows This function can be used when the PS printer driver is sharp mx 1100.

Add paper as instructed by the message in the touch panel. The settings used when the file was stored are also stored, and thus the file can be printed again using those settings. Touch the [Slow Scan Mode] key in sarp screen of step 2 so that it is not highlighted.


Settings selected in the printer driver properties window when printing from an application remain in effect only sharp mx 1100 the application is in use. This function is convenient when you wish to sharpp multiple pages in a sharp mx 1100 format, or show a view of all pages in a document.

For the bypass tray, the paper type appears above the paper size. Touch the [Output] key. When printing by invalid users is prohibited in the system settings administratorprinting is not permitted when user sharp mx 1100 is not entered or incorrect information is entered.

Place the original face up in the document feeder tray, or face down on the sjarp glass. Although destinations for Scan to E-mail, Internet fax, and fax sharp mx 1100 not need to be stored in the address book they can be entered directly or looked up in a global address book at the time of transmissionstoring these types sharp mx 1100 destinations in the address book makes it easy to select them. Select separate settings for the document glass and for the automatic document feeder.

This aharp can only be sharp mx 1100 in the Web pages. This function is useful when making copies of the facing pages of a book or other bound document.

If you need to give priority to a job and sharp mx 1100 it ahead of the other jobs, follow the steps below. Problem The machine does not Has the reception mode been set to begin fax reception.

MFP & Printer Models | Multifunction Printers | Multifunction Copiers | SHARP

Touch the [Total Count] key to use the function. From walk-up office environments and corporate data centers to high-volume CRD and service sharp mx 1100, these top-of-the-line Sharp document systems will provide new capabilities for the end-user as well as opportunities for business growth.


The screens and procedures differ depending on whether or not user authentication is enabled.

Copy Settings The following settings are related to copying. For fax, this function is convenient for performing a transmission reservation or broadcast transmission when you are not present or at night sharp mx 1100 telephone charges are less expensive. Communication took place in Super G3 mode.

With one-touch access to business applications via Sharp OSA integration, you can start and finish sharp mx 1100 document distribution task without worry. Page Shaarp Edit M.

Sharp MX M Error Codes

Touch the [Security Settings] key to configure the settings. This section explains how sharp mx 1100 check completed cover and insert insertion page settings, and change or delete insertion pages.

The authority of each user is specified by selecting one of these stored groups when the user md stored. Problem The scanned image is Are Internet fax or fax destinations upside down or on its included? When the speaker is used and the original is sent from the document glass, only one original page can be sent sharp mx 1100 transmission.

Page Inserts copying of 1-sided originals 1-sided and 2-sided copying of the following 1-sided originals.